How to get rid of bugs in the yard

Crazy Ant

Crazy Ant

Excluding Pests Through
Landscape Modification
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Landscape modification is not the only solution to to keep all pests away, but modifying a landscape to
make it less conducive to pest infestation will go a long way to keep out the pests.
Most people enjoy a beautiful home environment full of trees, shrubs, landscape beds and other elements
of an aesthetically-pleasing landscape. That’s why most people won’t pave their entire yard with concrete
in an effort to keep the pests away, or unlike The Brady Bunch, will not cover the landscape with AstroTurf.
There are several considerations when it comes to landscape
modification in order to discourage pests:

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MPC excluding-pests-thru-landscape-modification FILE 11-7-2014 How to Get rid of Bugs in the yard

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