How to kill sod webworm moths

How to Kill Sod webworms,: It is Impossible to Kill Sod webworm Moths.

If moths fly out of the turf grass or when the shrubs are disturbed, realize that the adult Sod webworm Moth may be laying eggs and another generation is getting started. Avoid treating moths – Adult  {moths} are not the target because they don’t cause damage and are unlikely to receive a lethal dose if the grass is treated. Trying to spray into the Air to control  is unnecessary and may cause spray drift into non target areas.!!     Please don’t spray the Moths

You Can prevent Sod webworm Damage,                                                             you can not prevent the Moth, remember ; Moths FLY .                               Prevention of sod webworm damage can be achieved by treating the turf grass prior to The Moths arrival.                                                                     Contact your Professional turf grass Fertilization , turf pest management company.

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Sod webworms or moths

Sod webworm moths, How to kill Sod webworm moths

Do not spray Sod web worm ,Sod webworm moths


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