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Get your home ready against Clearwater and Tampa Bay area pests in any season


Each season brings new Tampa Bay pests. Some are a threat all year long while others tend to see our homes as protection during inclement weather. Whichever season is approaching, there are step you can and should take at the advent of every season to make sure your home will not be susceptible to Tampa pest infestations. Here are some tips from Tampa pest control specialists.

Many bugs gain entrance to our homes through gaps in and around windows and doors. Get out the caulking gun and seal up any of these gaps. If there is a substantial amount of room underneath a door that accesses the exterior of your home, it may be worthwhile to have it fixed. Many bugs hide out in the foliage directly outside your home, making it easy for them to crawl into windows and doors. Remember to also keep your trees and shrubs treated for Tampa pests and trim them often to reduce populations of unwanted insects. Many insects are partial to cracks in the foundation, so be sure to check your home. These areas may need to be treated by Tampa pest control professionals.

On the inside of your home, check drains for clogs. The leftover residue of food is perfect bait for cockroaches, flies, ants and other food-hungry bugs. The kitchen is one of the most primary sites of bug infestations and it can be as simple as thoroughly cleaning the area after meals. Make sure to degrease the stove and other areas where grease may have splashed. This again serves as an invitation to a wide range of unwanted Tampa pests.

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