Mites in Clearwater

The presence of rodent or bird nests in and around structures brings these parasites close to humans, and when the feathered or four-legged hosts are eliminated or leave of their own accord they may very well leave their parasites looking for a new meal ticket, and in their hunt for food they encounter people. We may not taste quite as good, we might be a little cooler than preferred, and we certainly don’t have that cozy covering of feathers or fur, but in a pinch we’ll do just fine.

The Class Arachnida – includes spiders, scorpions, ticks and MITES.

The Order Acarina – includes the mites and ticks

The Sub-order Mesostigmata – common mite parasites on birds and rodents, including the important genus called Ornithonyssus – the Tropical Rat Mite and others

The Sub-order Astigmata – the cheese, mold and grain mites as well as Dust Mites and the Scabies Mite. Scabies Life cycle= 3 – 4 Days; treated by a Doctor’s Prescription. [view above]

The Sub-order Prostigmata – includes chigger mites, Clover Mites, and plant parasite mites Bed Bugs are not Scabies or any other Mite !

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