Bed Bugs on a Cruise

On MSN dot com, October 18,2017, they give 10 reasons why you may not want to go on a cruise. One of their reasons was bed bugs.

“Your bed might bug you”

Retreating to your bed is always an option if you’re under the weather. But uncomfortablecruise ship cabin mattresses are among the top five cruise complaints, Lipcon reports.

Even worse, unwanted guests in your bed, such as bedbugs, can ruin your trip at sea — and can follow you home. Bedbugs are insect parasites that can grow to a quarter-inch long, hide during the day near sleeping areas in mattress seams, bedframes and headboards, and are found even in clean and luxurious environments. “Bedbugs don’t transmit disease,” Boctor says, “but their bites can cause discomfort, irritation and allergic reactions that can lead to itching, excessive scratching and skin infections — and disrupted sleep.”

We can’t help you if you have bed bugs on a cruise ship. But when you get home, if you encounter bed bugs, call McDonald Pest Control. McDonald Pest Control provides pest control services and lawn care in the Clearwater and Tampa Bay area. For more information, go to our web site

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