Where Do Ants Go When It’s Cold

Although ants can be seen in various places from spring to autumn, they go into

white footed ants

white footed ants

hibernation in the winter. In addition, from spring to autumn, many ants are seen to come from, and go into, the entrances of their nests, but these entrances are closed in winter and no ants are seen to come from there.

The body temperature of ants changes in response to the atmospheric temperature. In winter, their body temperature falls so greatly that their movements inevitably grow sluggish. Therefore, they hibernate restlessly in relatively warm places, such as the soil or under the bark of trees.

Most species of ants eat a large amount of food in autumn to put on fat, thereby allowing them to go without food through the winter.

The entrance to the ant nest nests is closed as a natural result of the slowdown and cessation of ant traffic. Furthermore, soil or sand has accumulated around the entrance. When spring comes and it gets warmer, the ants become active and open up the entrance of their nest to venture outside.
“The grasshopper and the ants” is one of Aesopユs Fables. A brief outline of the story is as follows: Ants that have earnestly worked to forage and store food during the summer and autumn, feed on the stored food in winter, and help a lazy grasshopper that has not stored any food for winter.

Ants of the Messor aciculatus species carry plant seeds into their nests and store them there. During winter, they feed on the stored seeds. Ants of the other species never store food in preparation for winter.

Here is the Tampa Bay area, they seem to disappear during cold stretches, but unfortunately aren’t gone for long.

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