Bed bugs; Heat vs Chemicals

Flir infrared thermal imaging.

Bed Bug Thermal Imaging

Bed Bugs Treatment – Heat vs. Conventional Treatment Options

Whole House Heat for Bedbugs or
Bed Bugs infestation can be treated with chemicals (pesticides) or (Sulfuryl fluoride gas), steaming or heat treatment. However, since Bed Bugs can hide in every crack and crevice in a room, it is difficult to apply a residual product that affects the entire Bed Bugs population. Also, conventional treatment typically requires follow-up on a weekly basis for up to 12 weeks, since the pesticide products do not kill all stages of a Bed Bugs development. While fumigation does kill all stages of Bed Bugs, it is an expensive process that uses dangerous chemicals. It also requires that the premises remain vacant for at least three days.  Steam treatment needs to be applied to every   Bed Bug, with multiple treatments needed due to Numerous  “spot application.”                                                                                                                         Secondly; chemicals used in pesticides may pose health threats to people and pets. The Environmental Protection Agency recognizes the following side effects of pesticide exposure: skin and eye irritation, nerve damage, disruption of the endocrine system and even cancers. It’s also common for sprayed pesticides to end up in the air, soil, or water, where they pose environmental threats.

Bedbug heat, Thermal remediation – Heat kills Bedbugs                         Sleep in your bed tonight bed bug free.

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