Soil Aeration ,Why do you need to Aerate the Lawn

Aeration. Soil aeration.
Reasons to Aerate the Lawn.

GRASS Won’t Grow over here!, The Grass doesn’t grow over There. Had you ever soil Compaction, Aka.. HARDPAN –
A Hardened or cemented surface or Layer. The Soil material ,may be Sandy or Clay and may be cemented by iron oxide,Silica, calcium carbonate or other substances.

Effects of hard pans

Hard pans show up in plants as
lack of drought tolerance, Grass and plants
die off earlier in dry times
are more affected by drought

and in restricted growth Grass and Plants
grow slower
are stunted, they don’t get to normal size for the same plants nearby or in years gone by
slow down from lack of moisture before other similar plants slow down without a hard pan under them.
The stunting can be because of
a lack of soil moisture
a lack of nutrients
inability to grow a suitable-sized root mass.
lack of oxygen

The effect of all this on the soil keeps biological activity low.

These effects are the result of restricted effective soil depth.

The situation can be improved by increasing the effective depth of the soil. There is more info on improving conditions in soils that have hard pans.


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