Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs Are Human Parasites that will take any opportunity to enter your home. Hitch-hikers that ride in a Jacket pocket,Backpak  sleeve, or Book bag. Bed Bugs may enter your home from a used or Donated piece of Furniture. [perhaps bed bugs were on the  Moving VAN your furniture was delivered]

Bed Bugs may cause skin irritation,extreme itching perhaps scratching an Itch till it Bleeds, Blood stains may appear on Mattress,Box Spring,Pillows or Sheets. BedBugs often may be found in Clusters on Mattress or Boxspring  Cording.

Bed Bugs May also be Found ANYWHERE. Bed Bugs on the Ceiling, Bed Bugs maybe in the Couch, Bed bugs in the Closet, bed bugs in your Luggage, Bedbugs in your Cd Case, bed bugs in your Purse, Bed bugs in your Cell phone. bed bug behind pictures on the Wall. Bed bug in your bathroom, bed bugs in the storage closet, bedbugs in your Shoes, Bed Bugs at Movie Theaters, Bed Bugs in the Hospital.

McDonald Pest Control HEAT eliminates  Bed Bugs Naturally                               One Day treatment, Thermal remediation. Natural treatments include Organic pest control.


How big is a Bed bug? Bed Bugs are about the size of an eraser head.

How big is a Bed bug?


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